"The business of healthcare is a technology intensive field. Throughout the facility design phase, medical equipment planners are considered key partners. At DilenyTech, we provide a detailed step by step planning solutions in conformance with international standards including bills of quantities, estimated budgets, loaded drawings, and much more.


We offer a wide range of biomedical engineering consultation services. Our goal is to guide healthcare facilities to acquire the best devices or services at cost-effective prices, which can help them to lead the market. Whether the facility is functioning or under construction, we will work hard to apply our extensive experience towards optimizing your institutional performance.


DilenyTech offers a wide range of tailored prototyping solutions. In today’s technology dependent environment, it is crucial to have a partner exhibiting in-depth understanding of the scientific methods tackling the problem, the required material specifications, development
scheduling and even patent application.


DilenyTech professionals help clients through the medical equipment testing and verification processes, evaluate equipment installation operation, and maintenance and make sure it functions according to its design specifications.


We offer a full line of procurement services including writing detailed specifications, tender document preparation, meeting with medical equipment vendors, technical and financial assessments of offers, and final contracting.