Terms and Conditions

*** By using Dileny Technologies (DinelyTech) US-Elasto online service you acknowledge and will abide to the following terms of use:

1- The US-Elasto software and online service is for strain elastography analysis and has ONLY been tested on images from ultrasound modalities using phantoms. Further testing and validation (including clinical data) are still underway. DilenyTech is not responsible for the use or interpretation of any results derived using its software.
2- The software or service is to be used with a direct permission from DelinyTech and is not to be redistributed or used in any fashion without consenting DilenyTech. Immediate legal actions will be taken against any violations.
3- The software is for investigational use ONLY and is not to be used in the clinic for any type of medical diagnosis. By using the software or online service you consent to use it ONLY for testing where you need to follow your institutional rules to seek legal permission for clinical investigational use.
4- Any shared data by the users with DilenyTech should be anonymized (all personal or identifying information are to be removed before uploading). DilenyTech hold users FULLY responsible to any breaches to personal data.
5- DilenyTech claims all copyrights and intellectual property to the US-Elasto products and online services.